Friday, February 14, 2014

Getting Around Regina

A common issue in many Western Canadian cities is a lack of respect for public transit. Regina is no exception – the assumption is that if you’re living and working in the city, you own a car. If you’re bringing a car with you, getting around will be pretty simple, though rush-hour traffic in/out of downtown can be pretty bad. You’ll learn as you go. If you’re working in the winter here you’ll need a block heater for your engine.

 Biking isn’t too bad in the summer. You can try in the winter but you’ll have to deal with the snow and cold. There are nice bike paths around town for recreational biking. Avoid biking on: Albert Street, Broad Street, Victoria Avenue, Lewvan Drive, Pasqua Street, and Saskatchewan Drive; these are not bike-friendly roads.

Public transit: Regina’s bus system is slowly improving. The Regina Transit home page has a wonderful tool that will help you plan your entire bus trip from point A to point B; use the rest of the site to determine routes to take to/from work as well as info on bus passes. Side note: taxis are typically hired by phone – you’ll get awkward stares trying to hail a cab on the street.

~Lukas, Fall/Winter Co-op

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