Monday, February 10, 2014

Advice for Living in Hamilton

Grocery shopping: There are many Fortinos in Hamilton, which are owned by Loblaws. The prices are higher at Fortinos and Metro. I found the most inexpensive place to shop was the Superstore Walmart on the mountain (it has a produce section, deli, and bakery). There is also a very large and diverse Nations market in Jackson Square downtown Hamilton (attached to the Central Public Library). The Nations market has the best prices in town, hand down, but lacks some Western food items. Check out their delicious buffets and salad bars too.

Neighborhoods: Locke Street is a cute little neighborhood very close to downtown with its own (very small and very awesome) library and some fantastic food. Westdale village is another great area, full of older heritage homes, coffee shops, a metro, library, and Shopper’s drug mart. I highly recommend living near/in Westdale as it is quiet, student-orientated, and near Central HPL and walking distance to McMaster University. I found my short-term sublet through the McMaster Housing blog. Dundas and Ancaster are also beautiful and quaint parts of Hamilton I would recommend for living in if you have access to a car. 

~Liz, Fall Co-op

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