Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Saskatoon Health Region

Welcome to the Paris of the Prairies!

One thing must be said up front – the bus system is seriously flawed. This is coming from a long time resident and public transit user. If you know where you are working, plan to live nearby. Fantastic areas to live are City Park, Nutana, and University Heights. Rent is kind of up there for a smallish city – 500+ with roommates, and much much more for a bachelor (and many bachelor apts. are basement suites).Stay away from the “alphabet” neighbourhoods on the west side. (Avenue R, Avenue P, etc)

The culture of the city is very vibrant – lots going on in the local music, writing, and art scene. You’ll hear people talking about “the boom” excessively. If I had a dime for every time… I wouldn’t be in library school. If you’re here for the winter, learn to layer. Average temps can waver between -25 to -50 for weeks at a time. It’s a “dry” cold, so dress with multiple layers, socks, and in a wind-impenetrable way. It’s tolerable. Maybe it’s part of the reason people here are so down to earth – nature is constantly kicking our ass and there’s nothing we can do about it.

The city is getting friendlier for bikers, and it’s got a quickly growing younger population. There’s lots going on in community development with the public library – check it out! We also have the highest per capita volunteers than any other Canadian city, and the highest average hours of sunshine a year.

~Ashley, Winter Co-op

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