Friday, January 31, 2014

Housing Advice for Regina

There are 3 commonly used resources to finding accommodation in Regina:
·         UsedRegina (
·         Kijiji (
·          Leader Post (the local newspaper, online:

For some reason Craigslist never caught on here. Using the combined resources above you should hopefully be able to find a place. I say hopefully because for the past few years, the vacancy rate in Regina has been less than 1%; try to start finding a place earlier than later. Be prepared to give references. Also keep in mind that tenancy regulations in Saskatchewan are quiet different from Ontario – rules are much more stringent (i.e. no pets is almost a given). You’ll also have to pay a damage deposit. Rent can be anywhere from $800 to $1400 a month for a one bedroom.

Most areas of town are good, with the exception of the infamous “North Central” or “North of Dewdney” area. McLean’s Magazine reported it as Canada’s most dangerous neighborhood in 2007. It’s complicated and arguably not a big deal, but it’s probably best you avoid it as a newcomer to the city.

Public transit isn’t great (more on that later), so you may want to keep your commute/distance to work in mind in selecting a place to live.

~Lukas, Fall/Winter Co-op

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