Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ottawa Transportation Tips

Transportation in Ottawa

The public transportation system in Ottawa (OC Transpo) requires proof that you're a full-time student in order to get the student bus pass (MUCH cheaper than the adult pass). I was able to squeak by by showing them a letter I asked Cindy for on official letterhead which stated I was a student. However, OC Transpo also told me that they would have accepted a letter of offer from my co-op employer as proof of my student status. I think it also depends on what OC Transpo employee you get; some are a bit more lenient than others in what they require for proof of student status.

I guess the summary for Ottawa-bound students is to try and get a letter from the FIMS office stating you're a student, and take your letter of offer with you when you try and get a student bus pass.
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